The Women of Matinino

Published: Strange Horizons, Issue 10 January 2022

Excerpt: There is a legend about the women who took all the punishment: the women of Matinino. They are the fallen mothers and daughters left to rot. The hurricane-beaten weeping women drowned in salt. The men came home in a drunken rage and killed them all. Now they live in a cave hidden deep in the rainforest.



The season is ripe and the seeds take 

root in the caverns of my eyes

Ode To An American Quilt (2023)

Take your red string and pull down the sky…

study on a girl with a syndrome


go on.

make my thighs the same

or a similar


Como TĂș


I shift in my sleep and dream-sing 

the green parrots. 

Let the crystal veil of rainfall drop

through sun.

Let light through thunder drum

to knowing.



I am not a good liar.